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Erasmus+ supports International mobility for students and staff to third countries for the following mobility actions: 

  • Mobility for Studies
  • Mobility for Placement
  • Mobility for Staff

For more information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Support

Participants are eligible for an Erasmus+ funding covering their travel and subsistence expenses. The Erasmus+ grant varies according to the host country and the participants’ mobility duration. 


Student mobility can last from a minimum of three months (or one academic semester) to a maximum of twelve months.


Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

Students nominated for an Erasmus+ mobility must fill in and sign an Online Learning Agreement (OLA). 

The learning agreement must be approved by the student, the sending and the receiving institution.

More information on OLA can be found here.



Language Policy

For study/placement at a host university where the language of instruction will not be Greek/English, participants should evidence at least one of the following:

OLS is available for all European official languages.

Taking this assessment is a pre-requisite for students to make sure that they meet the recommended level at their receiving organization (except for native speakers or in duly justified cases).  

More information on OLS can be found here.


International students must have a medical insurance from their home countries with coverage in Cyprus.

Visa Requirements

All non-EU students who apply to the C.D.A College require a visa to enter Cyprus.

Please see below the required documents:

  1. Application Form M58, completed and signed.
  2. The payment for the entry visa fees for the amount of €85,43 should be paid online.
  3. Copy of passport with minimum validity least 2 years.
  4. Copy of criminal record from the official authorities of the country of residence with minimum validity of 6 months.
  5. Original medical certificates attesting to good health, including blood tests (Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C, Syphilis and HIV) as well as a Chest X-Ray (Tuberculosis) from a government hospital/doctor. 
  6. Acceptance Letter from the C.D.A College.

Important Notes:

Non-Governmental documents must include the name and contact information of the issuing authority (i.e. bank contact details, medical laboratory details, etc.), and must be attested by Notary Public otherwise they will not be accepted by the Migration Department.

All document must be officially translated into English by an approved translator and must be attested by the proper authorities as original documents. 

For more information here.

Students are also invited to contact [email protected].


Erasmus Students can apply for accommodation as soon as they receive an acceptance letter.  C.D.A College does not provide any accommodation facilities. 

Participants with Fewer Opportunities

Students with physical, mental or health-related conditions may apply for additional funding after they have been selected to participate in an Erasmus+ mobility.

For more information, contact the Erasmus Officer of your campus. 

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