Living & Working in Cyprus as an International Student

Living Expenses for students from abroad

Besides your tuition fees you will also have other expenses during your stay in Cyprus. These costs include rent, transportation, food, clothing and leisure activities. An approximate amount for these costs is between  €300-€650 monthly depending on the area of residence. 

You can easily maintain a low budget since there is a large number of options for low cost restaurants, supermarkets and lower rent fees in the outskirts instead of the main cities.

You will also be able to take advantage of our College’s agreements with companies that offer coupons and discounts for several companies. Check out our PAMEUNi agreement and the way to register.


According to a recent law, which follows a directive of the European Union, students who are nationals of third countries may now work in Cyprus, in paid economic activity, under certain conditions and for certain kinds of work.

Students must be full time and hold the following documents when applying for a work permit:

  • a valid temporary residence permit (pink card)
  • an employment contract signed by the two parties
  • proof of higher education registration and time table

You can check the following link for more information or contact your campus international office administrator


As an EU citizen you will have the same right to work while studying as nationals of Cyprus do. You will not need a work permit and you will not have any restrictions on the hours you can work for.

Keep in mind that if you work while studying, you will have to pay taxes and social security contributions on income earned. 

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